“After my recent sessions with Dex,…”

For my whole life I’ve had an area of difficulty where I feel self-conscious about making decisions when other people are in my environment. Especially when it comes to deciding things about my own life. For example, if other people are around I wouldn’t make a decision to sit down and listen to an album I like. Or decide to make my New year’s resolutions. Instead I would consult, or watch for indicators, the other people in my environment to see what they wanted to do. As a result my life tends to get taken over by other people’s lives. 

After my recent sessions with Dex, I feel like this area of difficulty is breaking apart. This past weekend I spent a whole day making art while my husband did household chores. I didn’t even think about asking what he felt like doing that day. I just woke up that morning and started painting. My husband was happy to see me do it. And I didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious.  What a wonderful shift for me! Thanks for your help with this, Dex!

— Diana

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