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“The soul grows forward with the creation of space..”

NGC 6535, globular cluster
credit: ESA, Hubble and NASA

Jack Horner was very important in the development of Scientology as we know it, and is credited with introducing the technique of repetitive processing. He was the author of the Scientology book Summary of Scientology, A New Understanding of Life, copyright dated 1956. He was a “star” among those participating in the original Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. After he split from what the Church of Scientology was becoming in the mid 1960’s, he continued researching and developing techniques for achieving the aims of processing, despite being harassed and physically attacked by the thugs acting as agents of the Church of Scientology. A few years ago I had the good fortune to be invited to a private meeting (along with one other invitee) with someone personally trained by Jack Horner, and I learned quite a bit that day, including about his approach of using help processes to address the identities in “GPM’s”, and about what it was like to be a participant, taking in the lectures and occurrences in and during the original live Briefing Course lectures at Saint Hill.

The following is his prologue in his book, I hope you enjoy and appreciate it as much as I do:

The dawn sweeps the sky with light and color
and the soul grows forward with the creation of space.
The good of a man or a woman lies hidden
beneath the boulders of prejudice and the
gravel of fear. The sands and earth of
cultural agreement and structure add to
the covering. And the mountain grows. But
if a man or a woman shines forth or is seen
without this false cover of materiality one
perceives kingdoms and riches which have been
but dreams to past humanity.
Have you ever seen a person as he is?
Have you ever seen a person without the wrapping
paper called form and the strings which constitute
society? A bare being bereft of prejudices, opinions,
emotions and the other considerations of life. Beauty
does not describe the attributes of a being in his pure
state nor can any form really illustrate the experience.
Yet a being is serenity… and is a sea shredded with foam
and a lake shining with glints of immortality… and
the bursting energy of a nova… and the coolness
of a quiet snow… of these one can be any and be all
and any more that is considered and created… the
shining breast of warm motherhood… the arching poise
of the male swimmer preparing to dive… the tousled hair
of the small child… and the pageful wrinkle of the worn
brow… these are but aspects of being… the being – as
as a man – expressing the full stature of masculinity in the
certainty of life’s mastery… and, with this, the being
as a woman – creating the warm smoothness and understanding
in the granting of life toward a better universe. Of these
you are any one and you are all and none if you so desire.
Your choice is your own as is your direction, creation and
desire and how can you be other than how you know you are?
and only you create what you express.

Jack Horner
London, Sept. 25, 1954

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  1. This further explains to me how LRH could do so much in his lifetime that he would not have even had enough hours to do. Other people did much of what he is credited to have done!

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