March 9


“Now I’ve got a really great state of being!”


From my client KG, this past week:

“With this processing I have learned so much about myself. I always felt upset, angry or hurt but I never knew I actually felt this way. This led to many upsets and overreactions. Now I’m able to experience life’s stressors without getting upset or overreacting. Life seems brighter, happy things feel happier. Stressors feel milder and manageable.
Even the attitudes of the people around me are more positive. My relationships have become more positive, I’VE become more positive! I often felt burdened by life. Now I feel happy to embrace all life has to offer.
Instead of reacting from emotion, now I can think, and now all the sensations and emotions, are experienceable, even the unpleasant feelings-now I’ve got a really great state of being!”
KG, March 2015

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