February 8


The Prime Importance of Addressing our Resistance to Disturbing Feelings

There is good reason for the things that disturb us to come forward in our consciousness. These are the things that block or impede our paths to our desires and dreams. We need to clear these from our paths to be how we want to be and accomplish our purposes and goals.

All feelings are energies. Each feeling could be said to be tuned to the frequency of that specific feeling. When we encounter the energies of some disturbing feeling, our tendency is to exert opposing energy, effort to resist the disturbing energy. We tense up, tighten up, try to ignore it, fight it, deny it, try to focus on something else, we try to do things to make it go away.

The essence of life breaks down to two things, creators and creations. That summarizes all that is. We are the creators. And everything we notice and feel are our creations. We create by projecting energies, in an infinite variety of configurations.

When we encounter the energies of a disturbing feeling and expend energies to resist those, nothing resolves, and we become more and more consumed with all the energies we are forever expending to resist the energies we are trying not to feel.

The only way to clear these out is to remain effortless, rather than engage in efforts to resist, and allow ourselves to notice, accept and feel the energies that are present, allowing them to naturally digest within us. That being said, there can be, and are, any number of ways to accomplish this. In applying Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, this is done directly, just as described here, in what we call spiritual digestion.

The reason spiritual digestion doesn’t fully take place in the moment that any disturbing feeling occurs is that we tend to fear feeling these disturbing energies, and so we react. And reacting is the expending of resistive energy. And so the energies of our disturbing feelings become wrapped up with our resistive energies.

And so often, in our Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling sessions, when applying spiritual digestion to the feelings infused in some undesirable condition, the energy of your expended resistance to those feelings blocks full access to those energies, getting in the way of the spiritual digestion process.

However, the solution to the presence of the resisting energies is simplicity itself. The basic principle of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is to simply “take what you get”, that is, effortlessly notice, allow and feel the presence of whatever energies are present. And so, simply allow the energies of your resistance to express through you, along with everything else that presents itself, as part of allowing spiritual digestion of all that makes up the complete energy package of any disturbing feeling.

Fear energies will always be found in digesting the energies of resistance, for resistance is fear-based. Fear is the primal negative energy. And the primal fear is being unloved.

When we apply the Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling Technique for unraveling Stubbornly Held Protective Attitudes, we are essentially doing the same thing, tailored to the articulated attitude through which your resistance is expressing.

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