February 11


A very good question, and my answer: “Grounded in a paradigm”

Another spiritual practitioner introduced herself to me with a good question:

“Are you grounded in some kind of system or paradigm that you pass on to others?”
My answer follows:
“In my perspective, all paradigms have things of value to learn from, but all paradigms are also restrictive in their thinking, and too formulaic. So while I find value in researching the material in various paradigms to sift out what I find to be of value, I would not advocate wholly subscribing to any paradigm package. And while am always training Other practitioners in my approach and in my techniques, I make it clear that fundamentally you should find your own voice and do what you instinctually find to be the right thing to do in the moment when you are working with someone.
There is no paradigm that should supersede being present and in the moment with the unique circumstance that is the moment of now. Which will never perfectly fit into the scenario of any paradigm.
Your own spiritual compass, which is your essential inner instinct, will always be your best quality, your best tool, and your best solution.
What I can teach is extremely insightful in liberating the spirit from the self-installed programs of the mind, but these are only tools to use. Intuition is the best tool of all. Thanks for asking such a good question”.
This is my perspective.
Love, Dex
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