“Still buzzing from the realizations I had!”

Thanks for the great session, Dex.

It’s always amazing to see how one, seemingly innocuous, frustration in day-to-day life can, in session, be the key which opens up a pathway for redemption and reclaimed power.

Still buzzing from the realizations I had this evening. And what fun to get confirmation that reality really is so relational to who we are in each moment and to all of that garbage from our past that we carry around in latent, backdoor packages. What a fabulous tidbit of knowledge to recognize that we can release so much of that weightiness and lighten the load!

All it takes is a quick session to go down the rabbit hole and start connecting the dots. Being a busy week, I wasn’t even going to take the time to schedule with you, but I’m so glad I did. Our session today really gave me an expanded sense of self and a much wider control of space. I vibrated away with a sense of youthful confidence that feels massively empowering and yet, grounded in some kind of steady wisdom. Whoa! I better anchor to something before I fly away!

Thanks, Dex! 😉

January 2019

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