January 23


Resolving a Stubbornly Held Protective Attitude (SHPA)

The Stubbornly Held Protective Attitude, often observable in others and yourself expresses an energy that deflects and closes the door on connecting with and permeating something. It is a resistance to something, expressed essentially as:

“I want no part of that”

Think of it as the sound of a heavy metal door closing; a formidable resistance, a firm, resolute, “I won’t go there!”

It’s a rigid and obstinate knee-jerk response, and it is not too hard to tell that in this moment, the being is not really present; they are substituting a rigid attitude in place of their presence.

Just behind this thought-energy shield that is being presented lies a state of anxiety and/or confusion, so intense at times that it is palpable. They can’t “go there”; they don’t dare, because something about that subject is related to something in that person’s mind that for them is dangerous and overwhelming.

This is not the precise procedure, but rather the sequence of the actual steps. I am daily engaged in mentoring and training practitioners in the actual procedure, and I can train you too, if you are so impassioned.

The basic sequence for resolving a Stubbornly Held Protective Attitude (SHPA) is as follows:

1. Notice or discover the manifesting of an SHPA

2: Get your participant to express the phrase that best articulates the attitude.

3. Have your participant process (spiritually digest) the energy of the specific feeling or emotion that drives the attitude.

4.Have your participant articulate and examine exactly what emotionally charged condition he or she generated the SHPA as a shield to protect him or her from.

5. Have your participant recount and examine the circumstances over their existence of that condition occurring, that would trigger the use of the SHPA, thus processing and diminishing the intensity of the condition, so as to encourage and enable your participant to reexamine their perceived need for such an SHPA to shield them from that condition.

6. Have your participant examine all the consequences of having used the SHPA for protection from that condition.

7. Have your participant reevaluate, so as to decide to dispense with, that SHPA.

8. Have your participant fully process and resolve the painful or devastating condition for which generating and employing the SHPA was their response, using the Resolution Technique.

9. Have your participant continue to fully reexamine and reevaluate every tributary connected to the SHPA, so as to completely clean any and all replications out.

10. Have your participant now create a positive perspective and attitude in relation to the subject material of the SHPA to carry forward in life.

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