December 12


States of “Clear”

I think its important to break open the subject of conventional (“standard”) Scientology’s ‘The’ state of clear” (and, for that matter, “nirvana”, “state of grace”, etc) for new and open examination. I’ve shared thoughts on this within my Facebook group, but what I do want to broach here and now, is the following, as I see it: The description of this supposed singular and uniform “state” or “level” has been redefined several times, in Scientology; the description of the material composing ” ‘the’ bank ” that is “blown” has varied more than once; the description of the “way”, or specific processing technique(s) to achieve ” ‘the’ state of clear” has also changed several times.

Some of my conclusions, (I will give a more in-depth analysis in a forthcoming article):

(1) There can be, and are, any number of what may be described as “banks”, completely different from each other in structure and in material, for each individual, and these might better be called “universes” or “boxes” that in various ways, contain, influence and limit a being.

(2) Each of these universes was constructed and/or adopted by the individual as a solution to something the being encountered, was diminished and felt threatened by, and thus felt a need to shrink away from, and, eventually became entrapping, debilitating and undesirable.

(3) The spiritual liberation, through conscious deconstruction of any of these universes can be so wonderful as to rank as what can be, a “state of clear”, and perhaps, in Scientology indoctrination, becomes (mis) labeled as “THE” state of clear, which will create complexities such as cognitive dissonance, self-inval and doubt of one’s own adopted paradigm, when the effects of the material persisting in any one or more of the other entrapping constructed universes one experiences manifests.

(4) There can be an infinite number of valid ways to successfully process and deconstruct the structure of any of these entrapping “boxes”- better described as  “self-contained 3-D holographic projected environmental habitat universes” and this is according how one envisions and thereby shapes the “clay” that is their “case”; and their envisionments can be agreed with or adopted concepts of the structure, and “right way” to process case material.

For these and other reasons, I think that we are best served by expanding our outlook beyond accepting the idea of one, other-defined, “bank”, one, singular, “state of clear”, and beyond the fixed idea of there being only “one true and correct method, bridge or path”. I think we should grant and recognize the validity of whatever anyone is having, or has had, success with, and always be willing to expand our viewpoint to allow for the possibilities of advancing through more expansive viewpoints, and infinite potential for finding new and better discoveries, in an enlightening journey in which we may never know in advance what we’ll find, and, along the way, grant, take pleasure in, and celebrate, each new spiritual liberation experienced by anyone, by any means.


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