December 28


Advice on starting up and maintaining your own practice

I finally got ’round to participating in David St Lawrence’s Independent Spiritual Technology forum, and noticed that one person was seeking advice about starting up his own practice. I’ll share here what I had to say there:

I’m sure that there are many ways of going about getting one’s practice off the ground. I’ve had a good amount of success myself over the past few years. I would say that the basics are making yourself, your processing approach and available services well represented and known, fueled by what you want to do for your clients, which I would define as the facilitating of the client’s accomplishing of whatever their own spiritual goals may be.

Here’s what else comes to mind for me at the moment, take from it whatever feels right and useful:

(1) Create and/or maintain good connections with other practitioners everywhere. I would say that 1/3 of my PC’s are referred to me by other practitioners. This happens for a number of reasons- the PC is in your area, you offer services/approaches that your colleagues do not, and more (and by all means, reciprocate- everyone wins by helping those seeking something in particular find that something, IMHO). One of my very first paying PC’s was sent to me by a someone with a longstanding successful practice, because the PC was in my area, not theirs, and the PC couldn’t travel, so the other practitioner was C/Sing, and procured me to be the auditor.

(2) Make yourself and your services known, join forums and groups, participate in meetings, parties, FZ conventions, etc.

(3) Do whatever will keep you more productive as an auditor. Anita Warren inspired me a few years ago, when she recommended doing lots of free auditing as needed to get started, to have PC’s, and to be accomplishing your purpose as an auditor. I liked this so much that I maintain, as part of my operating basis, giving free sessions just about every week- free sample sessions, whether to experienced, or “green” PC’s, and/or people who are really in need of a little compassionate help. Its “good karma” )

(4) Stay above the (IMHO) despicable practice of badmouthing others. Nobody benefits from that, it hurts us all. Instead of dramatizing the phenomena of GPM’s (and justifying it as “for the public good, because XXXX is dangerous/out-tech/squirrel”/whatever), we are here to solve such entheta, and convert it back to basic theta. It makes us all look bad, it is ultimately flat-out destructive, even when “he started it”.

(5) Don’t allow material/financial needs or aspirations taint and compromise your beingness. Be an auditor first, a businessman 2nd.

That’s my 2 cents anyway. Best of luck!

With Love, Dex

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