October 4


The Dynamics of Physical and Spiritual Interaction (A lecture transcription).

I’d like to offer you what could be a profound and enlightening perspective on the all-encompassing dynamics of the spiritual and physical, the primary characteristic of the physical world being distance and with it a feeling of separation, misleading projections which upon being penetrated allow for a wonderful feeling and recognition of what could be called “joyful allness”. “Oneness” is the existing expression, however I’m offering “allness” because I believe it to be a better way of expressing the truth of our underlying existence.
In the realm of pure spiritual perspective, distance is a projection, an illusion. In the truest underlying sense all is here and now, we all constitute a co-presence, a collective consciousness. It might sound contradictory, but this us-ness, if you will, doesn’t take away from our individuality, drops one all-inclusive ocean.
There is an underlying anxiety that dwells within us all, a “disturbance in the force”, so to speak. You might call it panic or shock, the root of which, I believe, is our finding ourselves in the physical world. As with leaving the womb, we find ourselves thrust into a place where we experience sudden and shocking separation and disorientation. It’s a transition from a state of pure love and togetherness to one of sudden aloneness—an abrupt shift from all-encompassing acceptance and unity. Our most unpleasant emotions, such as betrayal, humiliation, and feeling hopelessly lost, stem from a sense of separation and distance—from being alone and detached from the collective consciousness.
Ironically, in our quest to protect ourselves from vulnerable intimacy and vulnerability by maintaining distance from others, we end up feeling precisely what we fear—alone and unloved. The fear and anxiety of not feeling or being loved and accepted is the root cause of all emotional pain.
This sensation can be linked to various contexts and narratives of fear, anxiety, and panic. It underlies our deepest emotions and experiences of feeling helplessly alone.
In the spiritual realm, there’s complete coexistence—a collective consciousness of pure love and togetherness. Conversely, in the physical world, distance and separation prompt people to adopt protective behaviors, avoiding closeness with others for fear of rejection and abandonment. This contrast is evident in various social interactions, including the posturing we witness on social media.
However, in the moment that we transcend beyond the digital world and regain presence, we can reconnect with the pure spiritual essence. One way to achieve this is by taking a nature walk and tuning into the vibrancy and sentience of all life forms around us. Plants, animals—everything exudes awareness, and we can feel their “vibe,” forging a connection based on love and togetherness. Try doing this: Experience such an environment and close your eyes. Notice that once you stop using the physical mechanics of sensing things through your eyes, which rely on projecting distance, everything seen is “there”, not “here”- that you can now feel the present world within you, and not separate and outside of you. You can feel the presence of all that is here within the space of your being, which is in reality all-encompassing. The wind, the warmth of the sunlight, the presence of all the life, plants and animals, it’s all a merged togetherness. When you let go of depending on physical means of sensing the world, your natural spiritual awareness and presence is free and evident.
This spiritual foundation is something we should strive to connect with to the best of our ability. In essence, it’s all about presence—recognizing and embracing all that is present as a co-presence, devoid of fearfully projecting distance and separation.
In existence, there are two fundamental aspects: presence, which encompasses all that is, all of us together; and projection, which involves creating attitudes and personas that distance us from others, shielding us from exposure to the collective.
To bridge this gap, we must work towards presence. Presence isn’t just about your individual feeling of command, awareness and orientation; it’s about recognizing the co-beingness of all life without fearfully and defensively projecting and maintaining distance and separation. It’s about letting the shielding go and allowing yourself to sense, accept, feeling, welcoming and enjoying the pleasurable existence of us and of all.
In therapeutic spiritual counseling sessions, we deconstruct all the feelings of shock, fear, distance and separation. We work progressively to greater degrees of wholeness and presence of and for all.
I hope you’ve found this discussion enlightening and thought-provoking. If you’d like to experience what I’ve been talking about or want to learn more, I invite you to reach out. Together, we can embark on a journey toward whole presence, and the beautiful existence that we aspire to.
Best, Dex

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