March 21


A Simple Principle of Spiritual Evolution

A new observation about reaching higher states of existence: The more challengingly disturbing energies/emotions you allow yourself to experience without resistance, the higher moods you can experience, more easily, and more regularly. Being that Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is largely the application of effortlessly allowing and thus digesting one’s negative energies and their structures, the more a person experiences this approach, the more adept the person becomes at experiencing the more challenging energies/emotions.

With love,

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  1. Hey, Dex, this one certainly may require a little more time to digest (some understatement, huh?lol). Since we do bash headfirst (ouch!) into that brick wall called ‘resistance’.— “Experience…..” that from which one shrinks? Or, paranoid, wants to run and hide? Ironically, of course, that is EXACTLY what is required, ie “effortlessly allowing….” . To this end, I’m familiar with the principle of using ‘the gradient scale’ approach, especially with the raw and inexperienced participant. I’m assuming your statement is aimed at one who is already familiar with the experience of ‘as-isness’ in order to consent/ be willing to follow through with ‘inspecting the non-confrontable’? Though I personally duplicate the simplicity and power of this approach, a little clarification on just how you manage to bridge the chasm of understanding, for the uninitiated, would be appreciated.

    Thanks, ML, Calvin.

    1. Hello Calvin, it comes down to simply opening up to effortlessly allowing the energies of whatever feelings one has been resisting. Just being, and letting these energies be and express within you, and taking it in with no effort of any kind about it. The more this is practiced, the easier it becomes to do it, just have the feelings, let them express, let them exhaust and dissipate, understanding that these energies will persist until thus digested, and being relaxed in the knowledge that this will allow those energies to dissipate, and dissolve. It doesn’t require or involve “finding out why”, or “trying to make it stop or go away” or even intending it to do anything; just let it fully, gradually express, peacefully have it be with and in you and let it happen.
      Love, Dex
      Love, Dex

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