The Relation of Quantum Physics to Spiritual Processing in Counseling Sessions

I would like to share with you the following concept, which has direct bearing on my concept of processing one’s mental/emotional/spiritual material through Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling:

Time is a construct intended to lessen the perceived overwhelm of experiencing everything as happening without being apportioned as separate consecutively streamed events through the imposition of an orderly sequential continuum.

In my view, counseling sessions, conducted properly, are a means of breaking down and digesting those life moments that overwhelmed the being. The being is overwhelmed in encountering too much force to be experienced in the relatively quick, or short time span of that moment. The context of a therapeutic counseling session is to make it safe and experienceable by providing the longer span of time necessary to slow down the stream of force and other material of the particular experience so as to make it spiritually digestible.

And so then, perhaps, in the larger view, a sidereal time stream itself could well be a quantum physics creation by us as spiritual beings in an effort to mitigate, reduce or eliminate the perceived overwhelm of experiencing all existence as simply occurring as one integrated creation/experience. Or, in other words, time could be thought of as a construct created to organize experience so as to make it acceptable, experienceable, processable by a being with (perceived or imposed) limited ability to digest.

And thereby, in the most basic sense, the use of processing sessions is a way of reapportioning time in relation to experience. And, to more basically how we all, as spiritual beings, operate in relation to the assimilation of experience:

The essential method of a being to assimilate all experience is through, on a mechanical level, the management, and on a deeper and more directly spiritual level, the creation of, time.

Love, Dex