December 29


Scott C’s First Session

Scott C’s First Session - lighthouseScott C’s first ever session:

Scott C contacted me through my website this morning. He had never experienced any such counseling sessions before, but was very interested. He needed to solve a problem he was having in operating his brokerage. His business depends on his making a large volume of calls to prospective clients, and he was having a problem with what he called “conflicting and competing thoughts”, with discouraging feelings that were hampering his drive and his confidence in making those calls.

Being that this was between Christmas and New Years Day, most of my clients are taking time off, leaving time for me to give Scott his initial session on this day. Listening to Scott, and getting a good feel for what he needed, I made use of the appropriate technique, tailored to his particular material. It went very well for him, and I told him to let the changes he was experiencing fully unfold, and then report back to me when he was ready. About an hour later, Scott was sending me the following message, shared here with his emphatic consent:

“Great session tonight… I just spent the last 45 minutes making calls! I just felt like there was no reason not to. That was a big win for me tonight! I had very little competing thoughts and even if there were, I easily overcame them. I’m very happy right now.

Another big win was my wife texting me and asking what time I would be home for dinner and my response was.. “I’m making calls. I need to buy you that shore house!” It felt very very good to say that.

She said that made her smile! She’s been so very patient with me.
Everyday I go to bed as a failure and every day I wake up hoping that today I can make progress. Today I made progress!!!

As a matter of fact… I am going to write that down and post it on my computer. Today I made progress, I made 24 calls in 45 minutes!”

– Scott C, December 28, 2016

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