January 5


“Illness Comes from Unexpressed Creativity”

Illness Comes from Unexpressed CreativityThe above thought was voiced today by a client during our session, and I think it is very profound, and rings true. Creativity is the natural, joyful uninhibited expression of self, and any opposition to expression of self, which certainly includes freely expressing your presence wherever you you may be and whomever you may be. And where this is opposed, restricted, or threatened, we do not feel “safe”, and there is undesirable, objectionable impact on the soul, and there will likely be ripple effects on the mind and body. So we should be mindful of if and when our expression of our creativity is to any degree opposed or prevented, and seek remedy of such situations and conditions.

We should also be mindful of allowing, if not welcoming, the self-expression of others, and of any impulse or tendency to oppose the self-expression of another, to discourage the same in others, and to encourage the acceptance of another’s self-expression by others.

You may want to resolve those situations and conditions in yourself through Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, and if so, I can be available. But wherever this may occur, conscious recognition of any effective opposition to our expression of creativity in itself has value, and some effective remedy should be applied, or else we “shrink” as beings, and are subject to a variety of undesirable conditions and sensations. And the same happens when we mistreat others in this way.

– Love, Dex

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