May 1


Being Present vs Being an Identity: To Be, or to be Some Thing

An “identity” is an assumed persona, based in a particular attitude, with its own characteristics, without flexibility to act in any way beyond its parameters, and therefore, frozen in its attitude, cannot vary its approach to respond appropriately to how things shift and change in life from one moment to the next. These are very common, in fact observable in just about all of us.

You most commonly become a particular identity when you feel unsafe or unable to experience, and face certain people or situations, and so you wear the armor or disguise of something in an effort to in some way handle or get past what is in front of you.

The ideal condition would be to be able to simply be present with whatever is here, and respond genuinely and effectively. And not be frozen in some limited personality construct that is not you. And thus maintain true connection with the world around you, rather than being cut off and subsumed by a frozen attitude, and filtering everything through that attitude. Being “in the moment”.

And thus it may be said that there are essentially two conditions in life: Being, or Being Something.


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