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Ending the Endless Replicating of The Same Old Conditions, the Same Old Game

All of us experience again and again the same or similar situations, and it can make you feel stupid or hopeless from time to time, because all of our efforts to resolve and change can still leave us with our moments of feeling that there is something that is “uniquely wrong and unfixable” within you- even when you’ve had moments and experiences that made you feel you might have finally succeeded.

The roots of such conditions and situations lie in the unconscious recreating of the roles we’ve assumed in interacting with others within the same playing field, replicating an old game. The roles, or identities, assumed, the specific purpose that drives each identity, and the interacting with the other identities, each forwarding its own purpose, and the effects on self and others brought about through the purposeful interacting, these are the three principal elements that constitute any and all of the ongoing, regenerating games that trap and freeze us in repeating or continuous undesirable conditions and attitudes.

The most primal feelings, driving all endeavors and behaviors are love and fear — more specifically, fear of loss of love. And anger is primarily an effort to bury or hide fear; and thus we have the rage of betrayal. The conflicts and oppositions inherent in the games we’ve engaged in contain such elements, and affect how we feel, how we see things, how we experience things, and how we act and behave.

Understanding this can lead to methods of undoing such conditions and attitudes through gaining conscious recognition of the identities, the purposes, and the interactions of the game, along with recognizing and deconstructing the game itself.

Here is what one participant shared upon reaching this spiritual liberation:

“Nothing I’ve imagined came relatively close to what I am experiencing right now!”

– GG, with permission, May 21, 2015


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  1. Marvelous work, Dex. I can fully appreciate the influences you are describing in this scenario. And the ‘replication’ factor, demonstrates only too well, how unconsciously one is goaded into ‘the game’, time after time after time. Btw, Dex, I’ve just coined a new moniker for my favorite ‘Therapeutic Spiritual Counselor’ — ‘The Unraveller.’ ML.

      1. Thank you too Dex. Thank you also for the fresh discount offering. For me personally, still clawing my way through some financial strain.Though shouldn’t be long before able to come on board, (with my/our ‘bundle’ (naturally)). Yup, it’s just a fact of life… like weather,seasons, and such! …’Flows’ and how they contribute toward our preferred vs. necessary activity. ‘Cash flow’, being the major attention grabber, hey? ML.

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