October 30


Practical Magic!

Sometimes, in a relationship (and by that I mean a relationship of any kind, intimate, familial, business, social, work, etc) the other person can, apparently inexplicably, insist on painting a false picture of something that has (or hasn’t) occurred between you, and and when you attempt to reason with or correct them, they only become more insistent, and more hostile.
It can amount to “gaslighting”- that is to impose on you a false reality that to some degree and for some length of time can destabilize your certainty and your trust in your perception and even your sanity.

And you can find yourself desperately caught up in trying to undo the disturbance and confusion, exhausting yourself with the effort you put into trying to bring the other person around to recognizing the truth of the situation as it is for you. It can become extremely frustrating and disturbing.

What to do? Firstly, understand what has actually happened:

The other person, out some internal conflict of their own, and not yours, has gone into resistance of a reality that is conflated with the interaction between them and you. And their method of resistance is to throw onto you what is actually a holographic 3-dimensional false picture energy construct, meant to encapsulate you into their own ill-advised effort to “bury” something internal in them. It doesn’t really help them, and it sure isn’t good for you. You are now sitting in another’s projection, and it brings about great disturbance, frustration, confusion and upset in you. It is an enforced “reality” that isn’t truth-based.

The wrong thing to do is to fight, resist, insist, expend effort, push back, try to override with attempts to convey what actually did or didn’t happen, or to try to get the other person to explain how or why they’ve come to do this toward you. It will only deepen the bad energy for you in all likelihood. You might be able to forcefully overwhelm them, but that is only an escalation of a terrible game.

Simply recognize that a 3-dimensional energy-based environmental construct, a false living image, has been projected onto you, and recognize that IT IS NOT YOURS. Therefore, it is not yours to deconstruct, or to try to digest.

Having recognized and acknowledged this actuality, you now simply allow this “gift” to flow back to its creator and owner. In fact, as long as it is with you, the other person is burdened with having wrongfully dumped this construct on you. So you are actually doing them a kindness in relieving yourself, for now they can be unburdened of their transgression against you, and on some level, they will feel relief.

As for you, the effect will be magical. Once you complete the effortless action of allowing the construct to return “home”, and out of your personal universe, you will palpably feel the sensation of the weight of that burden lifted from you, will notice an unmistakable feeling of soothing lightness and liberation.

Try practicing this, and see for yourself! It’s all you need do. And once you see what it does for you, share it with others.

Love, Dex

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  1. Right Dex, exactly as described in My Freedom Tools ( Did you get My mail on that?)
    The handling on the clients is easily done with Claus Table Healing👍🏽

    1. True enough Per, or, in my work, in just a few minutes, it can all be undone as I’m describing,in a few words between practitoner and participant,or even on one’s own. The effect is palpable, and magical!

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