November 16


Godliness Technique – Try it out!

Properly done, long enough, and often enough, this technique has enormous potential to bring about increasing and more consistent levels of spiritual liberation, and the attendant increased feeling of serenity and clarity of thought.

We are constantly in a condition of painting and projecting a biased picture of the people, objects and environmental elements we come across, subsuming our ability and opportunity to see every moment as fresh and new as every moment of now inherently is.

We could be experiencing life and people in and with the natural, unspoiled, fresh, positive, joyful perspective and attitude that we as children are commonly blessed with, but for the filters and attitudes we accumulate through both externally imposed influences, and those we choose to take on for protection.

This is an exercise in mindfully returning to the operation condition of true connection, rather than automatically projecting and substituting your own accumulated internal images, with life.

The technique:

Practice this in any place where there is some opportunity to encounter some amount and variety of people, objects, environmental elements, and mindfully take these in, absolutely without any preformed, existing, or instantly/compulsively generated idea at all about these, no projected opinion or view whatsoever. Simply take it in.

Remind yourself, over and over as needed, like a mantra, “no projecting, no opinion, no filter”, or something similar, of that nature, to return to the continuing development and maintaining of that innocent, serve and joyous state, part of the intended aspiration and result being to experience and maintain that freshness, that natural state of spiritual liberation, more and more, and in more challenging moments and aspects of your daily life.

The more frequently and longer this is practiced, the more this mindfully spiritual state of existence will open up for you.

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