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Power Processing, Optimized

Power Processing is a very far-reaching, highly effective technique that, applied proficiently, tends to result in surprisingly great relief of troubling conditions. The core Power Process, known as “Power Process 6,” “The Conditions Process,” is very effective in resolving any dominant unwanted conditions from which you are seeking relief. The more dominant an unwanted condition is over one’s consciousness, the more this technique will move to root it out. People have commented to me, ”Power Processing was the best thing I ever experienced in Scientology.”

In the conventional Scientology paradigm, Power Processing is not available to most people. Those few who meet the imposed qualifications are restricted to just one single application, one time only.

I have sought and taken advantage of the opportunity to learn from those among the original participants in the developing of Power Processing in 1965, including having thoroughly studied the lectures of the great John McMaster. Much of this important material has never been even been made available to study and train on in the cloistered world of Scientology organizations. I have had the benefit of absorbing a much broader and richer wealth of information vital for applying this incredible technique to its fullest potential – which is what I do.

I’ve also developing further-reaching extensions and applications of the basic technique. Having mastered these techniques, I’ve been happy to share them with other practitioners, all reporting excellent results in their application.

I also routinely use specific applications of Power Processing to repair and resolve any “case material” that was stirred up in sessions clients have previously experienced elsewhere.

Whether this is all unknown and foreign to you, or its something you have any degree of familiarity and experience of such things, your first power processing session will likely be a game-changer for you. I use it as needed, whenever I see that it is the most appropriate technique for your needs.

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  1. I find this most interesting. In an Internet list I’m a member of (IVy Yahoo) the question of John McMaster came up. And I have added some of what you have written here to what I have written. I find most interesting the occasional remarks you make about auditing tech. Give me your address and I’ll send you copies.

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