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The Peacefulness and Serenity Waiting to be Regained through Dissolving your Moments of Shock

More of us than you would think could be recognized as suffering, from some degree or form of “PTSD” (“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”). There are many methods of counseling based on the concept that traumatic or painful experiences leave harmful unconscious impressions on you, techniques in which the idea is to bring these experiences to the surface so as to resolve the unconscious impressions. Dianetics, commonly grouped under the umbrella of Scientology, is a notable example. In Dianetics/Scientology sessions, the counseling techniques are broadly termed “auditing”, the explanation being that this term derives from “audio”, the emphasis being on listening to the client in sessions.

From L. Ron Hubbard’s Professional Auditor’s Bulletin (“PAB”) #80, publishing date April 17, 1956, section titled, “Bottom Rung of Dianetics Found”, referring to the mental recorded content of painful experiences, much of which is not readily consciously accessible to the individual (such recordings are called “engrams” in Dianetics, which is a technique for processing such content), referring to a “new discovery”:

“It is an added bit that engrams contained MORE IMPORTANT than pain and unconsciousness….”The moment of shock” is that period of realization by body and thetan¹ that an overwhelming has occurred”.
¹(“Thetan” is the Scientology term for a spiritual being, in other words, the essence of you.)

It is not at all unusual for painful experiences to be “run” with incident processing techniques such as Dianetics without successfully lifting the moment of shock; this is one reason why the same incidents can emerge multiple times in sessions, and why even after “engrams” are “processed”, some effects of the incidents remain in place.

Somehow the organization of Scientology, under Hubbard’s leadership, never published a technique for fully processing the moment of shock.

Outside of the rigid, carved in stone paradigm of the Scientology organization, at least three individuals that I know of have filled this gap in processing by developing techniques for processing the moment of shock, among them Alan Walter, some time after he was no longer developing and contributing to the methodologies of the Scientology organization.

A shock is something overwhelming, and paralyzing, leaving you feeling collapsed. Understanding this, an experienced and empathetic practitioner should recognize your manifestations of a moment of shock, and process it accordingly. In effective, progressive counseling sessions, your moments of shock tend to emerge, and they need to be processed for what they are, and effectively, to complete resolution. A shock needs to be fully dissolved, and this takes some know-how.

In your sessions we’ll address your frozen moments of shock as needed, with this very effective shock processing technique. The unlocking of a frozen moment of shock is a huge emotional release, quite a spiritual liberation!

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  1. Thanks for this great data on the mind! Hey Dex,when I am going to send you your funds do you use paypal or…..?
    I have done a lot of training on the bridge from 1983 to about 1998 as a robot,but I do have the ability-presence to listen without thinking evaluating and so I would like to somehow use your approaches and ways to help individuals.I still have not gotten familiar with the use of cameras but that should be easily overcome or I could go to their location,they could arrive here or what ever.My favorite interest is towards the power processing,but I am aware that I need more than that in order to help the person address other difficulties that arise as they confront truth,such as entities or other beingnesses that are interfering with the flows of the river towards the ocean of truth that awaits to open the gaits to the stairway of heaven.

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