May 23


The “Moment of Positive Shock”, its Incredible Impact, and the Mechanics Behind it

What is a “Moment of Positive Shock”? It is when something extremely good happens, but your internal reaction is to feel overwhelmed, and have some difficulty calmly accepting that it is “real” and can be trusted; “too good to be true”.

I first discovered it some time back, noticed its intensity, and its quality of being as overwhelming as a conventional negative shock. But until now, that was all that was revealed to me, and it just wasn’t enough to comment on, from a spiritual/therapeutic perspective.

It didn’t quite resonate perfectly with me that the Positive Shock should pack such an energy wallop. And now, and I mean just now, I have come to understand why:

The “Positive Shock” relates to the material of some corresponding earlier conventional negative moment of shock; it restores something that the earlier negative shock blasted out of reality for the individual.

In doing so, it does not, or at least not necessarily, wipe the spiritual slate clean of the negative shock; in fact, it energizes some residue of the earlier negative shock.

It does cause a resonant feeling of instability to manifest, in fact, and this may be the most interesting, and important point of all:

It is your own massive energetic resistance, once set in place, to recognizing and accepting the reality of whatever the shocking event is that later manifests as the inability to accept (i.e., the automatic, mechanical unacceptance of) the good reality of the positive shock!

My conclusion, at this time, is that when such a positive shock occurs, I, as a practitioner, would ask for and get the earlier negative shock and guide the participant to fully process the negative shock, with my particular shock handling technique, and then bring the participant fully up to having the extreme positive condition (the material of the positive shock) with my Positive Processing technique.

It also occurs to me that the Positive Shock must be a not uncommon occurrence; it simply hasn’t been recognized, at least not broadly, for what it is.

Just as with any shock handling, the relief and positive changes that follow are HUGE.

Chances are good that in reading this now, you are recognizing a positive shock of your own. If so, you know how to find me. I suggest that you not waste any time. You NEED this

— Love, Dex

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  1. Might there be a ‘useful meaningful differentiation’ between the Mechanics of Mass and the Methodologies of Materials?

    Might it be true that:
    •Our ‘Physics’ refers to physical realities. (Phenomena)
    •Our ‘Methodologies’ refers to material realities. (Noumena)

    I have meaningfully differentiated the following terms:
    …virtual, natural (physical/material), logical, and ethical…. for what it’s worth.

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