On Telepathy

Personal experience had made it clear to me some time ago that telepathy is a fact, but until recently I didn’t put much thought into how to help people to develop their own such abilities. Now I’m putting my observations to the test in piloting such a technique, and there are clear signs of success, as this work in progress continues.

I will share some observations here, some of which may (or may not) be obvious to you:

(1) Telepathy, more commonly, is naturally strongest between people who are in good rapport or harmony with each other, people who are very close.

(2) One reason there is little success when attempting to prove or demonstrate such abilities (although I have both had and observed such success) is that when someone has a hostile attitude about it, they tend to put out an opposing energy that can deflect the necessary harmony.

(3) Thoughts, or the presence of a consciousness, is a far more subtle manifestation than normal light and sound, and can be difficult or impossible to notice or be sensitive to in the presence of such environmental stimulation. Just as if you walk into a relatively dark room from outdoor sunshine, it can take some time for your eyes to adjust to be sensitive enough to see well, it can take some time in a quiet, nondistracting environment to notice things as relatively subtle as thoughts and consciousnesses.

(4) Consciousnesses are easier to perceive than thoughts; a rough analogy might be to how sun rays of are less intense than looking at the sun itself.

(5) One key to developing one’s own natural telepathic abilities can be successfully giving oneself permission to have such abilities; it can take any amount of processing of one’s own particular mental/emotional/spiritual architectures to make such skills accessible, or more accessible.

If you would like to participate in sessions for this purpose, I am now accepting clients. Stay tuned for further developments!

— Love, Dex

2 Responses to On Telepathy

  • I am so glad you are addressing the subject of telepathy in your practice. I know you have been using it extensively as I have, but it about time that we all offer opportunities for others to learn how this ability works.

    Meterless auditing over the Internet can give our public the clue that we are somehow in communication with them and their spiritual companions, but I think it is time to be forthright about how this ability can be developed and used on a daily basis.

    I do not mention telepathy with my new clients, but merely have them channel spiritual communications starting with the very first session. Since I have total certainty on what the spirit is saying and the spirit is willing to communicate, the client finds himself receiving thoughts every time I ask a question. Once I tell them not to edit the thoughts but to pass them along as they receive them, things proceed very well.

    I will follow your progress with interest and if the response is good, I will offer lessons in telepathy as an adjunct to regular sessions.

    • Hello David, thanks for your comments, I can already see that there is more to know and learn, and take into account on this subject and in this endeavor, and one thing I’m sure off, there will be fun involved!

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