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One big reason why people eventually become disappointed with their auditing sessions in the C of S

This week another person who recently reached the point of giving up on the CoS as a vehicle for case gain and enlightenment told me their story of what they had experienced. They found my reply an accurate description of what they experienced, and it occurred to me that this capsule description is a good way of summarizing a core issue:

“Your story is fairly typical, in that too much of the auditing in the CoS was cookie-cutter “grade chart” that didn’t address what was impinging on your mind in the present, so they’d resort to band-aid “repair actions” instead of running processes that would help to resolve the case your attention was actually on. This violates the basic principles of auditing, in that your auditing should parallel your mind, and the sessions are for you, and not for pleasing the case supervisor.
The CoS runs “KSW” into the ground, trying to force all PC’s through the pre-programmed grade chart levels, even when that doesn’t parallel the PC’s mind, and try to superficially “key out” the masses in restimulation with rudiments and repair lists, instead of running actual processes that would handle them.”

I hope this brings those reading it here some relief, in isolating and clarifying what went wrong. It isn’t that there was something more challenging about your case, not at all. It just wasn’t specifically addressed with the sufficient actual processes you were hoping, waiting and sticking around for.

Love, Dex

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  1. I agree, that as a result of auditing awareness increases and so life changes. Life repair can handle the ruin that I become aware of as a result of a well done Grade.

    Thank you, Dexter – your answer gives me a hope and direction to go! 🙂


    Tatiana Baklanova.

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