February 6


A recent success story

I made it into the OT levels. My life ruin (an unwanted compulsion) was not addressed with standard bridge auditing and various repair and progress programs. It was bad enough that suicide was more and more becoming an option, even after completing the all mighty OTIII and OTIIIx. A blatant cognition/knowingness one day made it clear that the upper bridge was not the right path for me, at least not at this time. I postulated myself elsewhere and got into power auditing with some COHA in the mix, where session was run based on pc interest, and I got a fabulous result on my issue for the very first time. (I had a great auditor, Dexter Gelfand.) I got the best results by far on this auditing than any other. No comparison. This is not to knock my bridge auditing however. All auditing has been very valuable to me, but running session based on pc interest, especially using power, has created an explosion of life, vigor and vitality inside of me. I was miserable all the way up the bridge, and I know that would have continued if I went the standard route. I am now genuinely happy and want more, much more. I can see great horizons attainable that I would not have before. I’m results based, and this is where I’ve found RESULTS, but not just regarding my compulsion, results all across the board. Never have I had such mind blowing cognitions. I wasn’t able to maintain my postulates the way I can now. This was all discovered by accident, I previously was a totally standard tech guy, wouldn’t hear a word that wasn’t standard, I wanted to do the “right thing” and become good KSW auditor, but after tons of standard bridge auditing and being more and more at the end of my rope, where scn became about the next level or the next repair program or the next roll of the dice to finally get some relief and do all this living I was hearing about when I studied, I no longer cared about the rules or any voices that might say “not standard not standard!”. It became far more important to look and fend and survive for myself than to appease the rules. And it’s made all the difference.
Pre-OT JH, February 2011

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