February 8


On the Origin of Sensations

origins of sensations After much conjecture and research, I’ve recently come to a conclusion about this. Firstly refer to the havingness scale in the book Scientology 0-8. Above sensations is goals. Initially, in any universe, there are pleasant sensations attached to goals and the accomplishing of any goal. The prime pleasant sensation is simply admiration, from self, from others, from whoever, anyone and everyone. Essentially, the satisfaction of accomplishing any goal is itself a form of admiration, both giving and receiving. Going down the spiral, as with the dwindling spiral of any GPM, goals are opposed, thwarted, modified, failed. One can then descend into seeking a substitute havingness, i.e., the pleasurable sensation that would accompany the actual accomplishing of the original goal; in other words, the experiencing of the sensation connected to the original goal becomes, itself, a substitute goal. From there, descending into a downward spiral of oppositions, the less desirable sensations connected to those in turn become the substitute substitute (not a typo) goals, and so we create and experience, eventually, the full range of sensations. (Please note that while in the terms of Goals Processing from the early 1960’s, “pain” was found to be associated with the terminals, or beingnesses we ourselves dramatized, and “sensations” were found to be associated with the opposing terminals, but here, as I am using the term “sensations”, I mean for it to include every feeling one can experience physically, emotionally and/or spiritually).

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