February 2


Accomplishing Your Spiritual Goals and Sonny Rollins “The Bridge”

Sonny on The BridgeI think this story of devotion to accomplishing one’s goal in terms of artistic expression is very much in line with what we are all seeking spiritually, and we can all appreciate and draw inspiration from this:

The inspiring story behind the image: Sonny Rollins had already earned recognition as one of the elite jazz musicians. But he felt a yearning in his soul for a deeper and greater level of musicianship and musical expression that he felt was within him and not achieved. And so, at a time when he was riding high in the music scene, he shut down and closed the door on public performances and recording, to “woodshed”, that is to practice and hone his skills, and more fully find his voice. For five years, he’d walk out halfway across the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, and blow, over the water, taking in the purity of his sound, and finding that voice. Only after he was satisfied did he resume his career, even more successful than before. His first album upon re-entering the performing world was simply entitled, “The Bridge”.

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