March 23


The Now-ness of Everything

NownessHere’s something you can do, or guide another to do, call it a spiritual exercise, a consciousness technique, or process, that will definitely have a pleasing and beneficial effect:

Look all around and notice the now-ness of everything.

“Now-ness” is simply the quality of existing in this present moment.

Do it while walking slowly, at whatever pace best allows you to fully take in everything around you, outside for maximum effect, and you can keep doing it for as long as you like, and stop to turn around and look in all directions. It cannot be overrun. It will bring you out of whatever your mind has had you in, it will sharpen your perceptions, it will reinforce your sense of existing as a spiritual being, it will put you in a very pleasant state, and the more frequently it is done, the more it will raise your general consciousness.

Love, Dex

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