May 8


“I am finding my way back”

Finding Your Way Back to Your Magical SelfDex is helping me to realize that my instincts are right for me. In my session last night with Dex, I reconnected with truly letting someone’s kindness in.  There is so much love in my own heart but something had been stopping me from letting in the loving kindness of others, and  so I’ve kept choosing relationships lacking in empathy.  This deeply violates my sense of self and poisons my ability to enjoy being alive.

Dex and I are in the process of deconstructing this game that I’ve been playing and I am finding my way back to the idea that it’s right for me to follow what my heart has always wanted.

My spiritual compass has always wanted to follow love, to follow empathy, to follow allowing and grounded growth.  My spiritual compass has always wanted to live in fullness: I don’t want to live in a dichotomy between identity and spirit, body and spirit, I don’t want to be so afraid of my identities that I see the only solution to my problems as being clear of them.  Whatever positive attributes some organizations’ paradigm’s methods can bring to my life, what I ultimately see as being created is a cognitive dissonance where people are saying they’re a certain positive way but acting in ways that are most decidedly not that way.

I do not want that for myself. I want to truly be and experience the love that I say I am, and be in relation with others doing the same.  I want to follow that instinct in myself saying that I’m smart and able enough to find my own way, no matter how much of me is listening to the many people crying that their way is the only way. EVERYONE IS MAGICAL, I know that now.  I just need to BE MY MAGICAL SELF!

Thank you so kindly, Dex.  Miracle of miracles, I slept at least five hours without the sleeping pill last night and got up around 6:30 and then went back to bed and fell asleep AGAIN.  That hasn’t happened in AGES.

AND…I even had a good dream—which made me very happy because it feels I’m more in touch with myself again!

Thank you, Dex.  Empowering myself in the way that truly works for me will make for much greater happiness and success in the long run.
Vivian D, May 5, 2016

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