October 30


“My dad has not crossed my mind in any negative way since the session with you.”

I would like to share with all here, a wonderfully successful approach for taking apart any “PTS situations” or otherwise labeled bad relationship issues. It has proven out several times to resolve the charge, restore responsibility and bring about a resurgence of affinity and understanding. I’ve incorporated principles observable in Scientology and Alan Walter’s Knowledgism into this 3-step procedure (or, if you will, “Rundown”). take a close look, and where appropriate, let it do work it’s magic; I promised you’ll be very pleased and surprised!

I have named the first step the “Opposition Process”:

Firstly, explain to the PC that this is an “open-flow process”, in other words, whatever comes to mind is a the right answer, regardless of whether it is something the PC, the opposing person, or somebody else, caused, experienced or observed. “There is no such a thing as a ‘wrong answer’, do not evaluate the images that come up, just answer with them.”

This could be run with or without a preface naming a terminal, such as: “Regarding your wife, …”

(1)“Has there been something that someone hasn’t been willing to fully experience?”

(2) “What problem was (person/people named) trying to solve?”

(3) “Has someone caused something that was not easy to experience?”

(4) “What problem was (person/people named) trying to solve?

(Run commands alternate/repetitive to cog/relief/VGI’s)

The PC will initially find and give what was done to them, and then, gradually, with increasing frequency, find their own causativeness, and recognize that the other, or others, are actually more experienceable than they had considered, and not so intolerable.

After the Opposition Process come the 3-D Holographic Relationships Process and the Relationship Positive Create Process, the details of which I’ll share elsewhere to shorten this article. There have been a good number of recent successes, including the following:

“My dad has not crossed my mind in any negative way since the session with you. I feel I’ve accepted him for who he is and I respect him more because I am able to notice that all along it was me reacting. And most importantly it feels like whatever game was being played between us has come to an end- I have no interest in being Gamey with him.” (JK, October 2013)

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