October 29


A Poem from P.K.: “From Death to Life”

I just wrote a little poem for my wonderful auditor/counselor Dexter. It’s a bit dramatic but I’m a bit dramatic so here it is!

From Death to Life

Joy to sorrow is how it occurred
When years of my life had become so blurred
Glorious wins so crushed and smashed
My flowers smoldering in volcanic ash

Daring to look outside the gate
I took a chance and changed my fate
Goodbye to the old
Hello to the new
Now I could learn from what I’d been through

Allowed to believe in my truth this time
Given the chance to glow and shine
My garden is blooming in bright sunlight
Understanding, compassion and love delight!

Thankful each day for the gift of life
Even thankful for the lessons of strife.
to the one who helped, with gifts so true
I had to share my joy with You

(PK, October 2013)

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