May 24


Investing in habits and routines as a substitute for connection and companionship

Fears of loneliness and abandonment often result in our self installing programs of habits and routines to invest ourselves in as a substitute for connection and companionship. But all self-installed programs ultimately prevent exactly what they are intended to accomplish, and accomplish exactly what they are intended to prevent. Having established these habits and routines, often a person will then be unwilling to separate from the habits and routines to allow for actual connection and companionship. Fear of vulnerability, if submitted to, becomes a trap.

Any idea or routine we can adopt as a temporary measure, maintaining the openness and flexibility to set aside for actual fulfillment of our desires and aspirations, forestalls such liabilities, and leaves the way open for our dreams to manifest.

And bear in mind, I’m happy to make myself available to help you to allay the energies of any undesirable feelings through spiritual digestion and the ways of therapeutic spiritual counseling.

Love, Dex

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