May 12


In my viewpoint

In my viewpoint, one of the most important skills you want in an auditor is what I call thinking with the tech. As per the policy Keeping Scientology Working, by auditing PC’s after studying materials, I learned that when I followed procedures precisely as given in L. Ron Hubbard’s technical bulletins, my PC’s got the intended results from each process, and when I made errors, it became hit or miss. And so it was established for me that doing what Ron says works. I think that could be described as the 3rd of several levels of learning about the tech, the first being that it exists at all, and the 2nd being that it can get very good results. The next higher level would be coming to understand why running the processes the way Ron says works. By comparison, the prior level is somewhat of a robotic level of function. It is above doing something just because you are told to, because you have your own purpose to accomplish the results, and you do it knowing that it will work, but until you understand the dynamics (axioms, etc) behind the processes, you have not made them your own. I know that Ron says that any Class VI (one who has successfully completed the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course) worth his salt should be able to figure out the necessary processes to recreate the bridge. This to me would be one who can now think with the tech. His actions would be based not on doing something merely because an HCOB says to do it, but because of personal knowledge of what will succeed well to help the PC get the gains he should enjoy in order to progress up through the gradient levels of the bridge.


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