May 8


Power Processing

I would like to share with you my fantastic wins on my recently completed Power Processing. Over the course of this action there was not a single day in which I didn’t have at least one floating TA. My space is totally changed, freed up and direct, and I can extend my anchor points, and thus my space, to encompass any area at will, effortlessly. Every person I have spoken with since immediately notices the difference in me.

It is difficult to describe without using the words “power”, or powerful, but I can tell you this-there isn’t much I can’t accomplish, if anything. Situations that, before this auditing, reeked of counter-intention and stops, now give way to my effortless intention without resistance. I’m so much freer from dramatization, and pessimism no longer exists. I can, and I will, be creating big effects. Just watch me.

To those of you who had the fixed idea that clears who never did power processing,  shouldn’t, please listen carefully to this: let it go, take a look now, and reconsider, because you are denying yourself something you really should not be without. There is no denying that I am factually, clear, and I had fantastic wins and changes on this power processing.

It was strongly recommended to me a few weeks ago by a solo NOT’S CS who was senior CS EUS when I was lead HGC auditor in the NY org, as an important booster before doing my OT levels. The truth is, I have always felt it was wrong and an unfair disadvantage for Dianetic or past life clears to be denied the specific case gain of power processing, so I ran with that suggestion, straight to the tech terminals I most trusted and respected, including my CS Frank W Davis of Midwest Tech Center, Rey Robles and Frank Ranzi, who all felt this was a very good idea. There was one dissenting opinion from a highly trusted and beloved tech terminal, but even this terminal wound up conceding that they themselves had in fact had power processing after clear, without any adverse effects.

It is my purpose here not to merely share and celebrate my fantastic gains and changes through power processing here, or to explain or justify my defying what is for some “conventional thinking” as to what standard tech is. My greater purpose now is to enlighten all of you to consider getting your own power processing, if you have not done so.  The gains are so huge, it would be remiss of me, having grown so much bigger myself, not to champion this cause for all FZ individuals, and for what it can do for all of us as a powerful 3rd dynamic.

Please consider these points:

(1)   I have learned, through Neville Chamberlain (his thread posted on ESMB as “Dart Smohen”, and had confirmed by Frank Pate, that power processing was, at the time of initial release, the highest level of the grade chart, and so it was pegged at that level, when in fact it is actually a case booster, and could be run pretty much anywhere outside the actual non-interference area (from OTI to OTIII). Both of these terminals were present at St Hill during this period.
(2)   Power processing is a very powerful case booster, and per my auditor, a Solo NOT’S completion who has done two L’s, my case gain per session on these processes has been quite comparable to L’s auditing case gain.
(3)   Most of the terminals I consulted with regarding this had separately originated to me that it was wise to do this processing ahead of OT I, II and III to maximize my success on those levels.
(4)   Perhaps most importantly, it is completely factual that I was clear beforehand, and made fantastic gains- changes immediately observable, even over telephone, to every Scn I’ve been in comm with since completion of power, and at least one floating TA each day in session. I hereby give permission to any fact-checkers to contact my CS, Frank Willis Davis of Midwest Tech Center, to verify the facts that I made these fantastic gains, while clear, on power processing.

Therefore, if you cannot accept that this is true, you are in fact suffering from a fixed idea about the tech of this situation, no matter from where that idea originated. It cannot both be true that clears should never be run on power, and that I have actually experienced what I actually experienced, so one of those 2 ideas has to be false. Not meant as eval/inval, but vitally important fact. If, for you, this still does not compute, false data stripping is in order. Actualities must outrank rules or convictions, for sanity to prevail.

I dearly want to see all those who have not yet gotten power processing to jump on it, through your most trusted Power trained C/S’s and auditors, and only those who have actually delivered power processing successfully. I would not settle for only consulting those who have not trained in and delivered power processing, please.

With the power and knowledge I have now gained, I know that it is highly important for independent Scientologists to be operating with these gains. I have already worked out my own plans to train up to deliver power processing, after I’m through OTIII.

Right now, your terminals include Frank Willis Davis of Midwest Tech Center, and Rey Robles. They are ready right now to take you through this magnificent level. Others who can deliver these services, or know of someone who can, please feel free to reply with their names and how to contact. Let the push to make all freezone terminals to be power terminals begin here and now!

Much love and appreciation to Rey and others who encouraged me to step beyond “conventional thinking” to travel this path, and particularly to my auditor, Frank Ranzi, and my case supervisor, Frank W. Davis. I’ve said this before, and I’ll be saying it again and again, I’ve got the absolute best friends!

With Love,

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