May 22


“I touched hands with the other side of me”

I feel much better, a big hole between me, and myself is dissolved. That’s a good feeling! It was like a big, gray plexiglass window, allowing only shadows is now dissolved. I touched hands with the other side of me, and I could see my characteristics, I am calm. I can see with clarity who I am, I don’t have to hide, pretend create and project an identity so that people can love me, now that I know who I am, I don’t have to project a distorted view of who I am. I feel an increased recognition gained. I feel unafraid and unashamed to see. These are massive wins today, wow! I think this is awesome. Dex, I can’t thank you enough. With your guidance and expertise, we go through so much change in so little time, in the span of one session. Dex, I appreciate this!

J.M., May 2023

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