May 6


Penetrating the Ultimate Barrier to Self-Realization

Over the course of my life and work, I’ve observed a spiritual element that holds us back, that witholds permission to have our dreams materialize, to be too big, too powerful, to rise too high. There’s a part of us that says that we don’t deserve it, or that we will abuse it and in someway harm others. There is a part of ourselves that is afraid to ask for too much, the part that says “I could never be, or have, something that great”. I believe this to be the ultimate barrier to self-realization.

I believe that ultimately it’s about finding our way to forgive, trust and love ourselves, and not being afraid to give ourselves permission to live our dreams.

I think that is the thing that we need to be introspective about, and reason our way through.

I have seen these feelings come to light, and I have helped others to transcend these self-imposed restraints and barriers.

This is a subject for therapeutic spiritual counseling, and I can help.

— Love, Dex

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  1. I feel I’m at that point too. Feels like I’ve ran into a wall, with those exact considerations popping up. They drain all momentum out of my drive, leaving me very complacent after the apathy fades. Maybe it’s the last barrier?

    1. Could be, Bryan! At any rate, when addressed in session, whatever spiritual architectures may be acting to block such self-acceptance present themselves to be successfully processed, in my approach and experience. And that’s exactly what needs addressing at this point.

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