October 16


“He is deeply grateful for the experience and I am deeply grateful for your trust in me”: A practitioner being mentored in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling Speaks

E.T. is one of the practitioners I’ve been mentoring in my approach and my techniques currently. Today she has this to share with us:

Hi Dex, I am very happy with how today’s session turned out. We started with Resolution Technique, and then my participant said that specific incident was a shock, so I ran the Shock Disintegration Technique. He relieved so much during the session, things that would in Dianetics take many many sessions, and processed everything in one long session! I’m impressed 🙂 He feels a million times lighter and for the first time in his life he feels Love in his heart and inner peace that he was craving for. He knows now why he tried to control everything, it all came out of not having any in the shock moment when little.

He is deeply grateful for the experience and I am deeply grateful for your trust in me and seeing in me a practitioner that can do it. I see more and more how powerful these techniques are and how the mind guides itself towards a solution. I am mainly a presence there for a person to find their own way to healing/health/peace. I can see how our minds and bodies are programmed for health and balance. This is Nature, Universal Intelligence that KNOWS where to go and what to do to get a Being back into Balance & Harmony.

For me this is a deeply moving experience to observe what’s unraveling in front of my eyes (his body was twitching and physically moving during the session) and I just invite The Universe to do what it needs to do to bring about a positive change in a person (even both – as I see how I grow with every session and learn more). I am also more and more connected to myself and intuition and I fully Trust the process.

Thank you, Dexter, for being willing to teach me and taking me in.

Much Love,

<— E.T.
Scotland, UK

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