October 19


“After the session I felt deep relief and immense inner peace”

Feeling low and anxious, I contacted Dexter to have a session. I was waking during the night in fight or flight response that was getting triggered in my intimate relationship due to subtle emotional abuse. I was sure I wouldn’t attract such a situation into my life ever again after the work I’d done on myself prior to that, but  what was happening in my relationship proved otherwise.

In session with Dex, we addressed deeply held fears and places within me that felt unsafe in the world. I purged past trauma that was still lurking. After the session I felt deep relief and immense inner peace, after existing in emotional turmoil. The fear was gone, my relationship with my partner completely shifted overnight, immediately after my session. As within so without. I really see that the world around us is a mirror of what is happening within our emotional landscape. Thank you, Dexter, for guiding me to face my inner demons, and bring peace to myself.

— ET, London, UK

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