You definitely make me feel like you truly understand everything I’m saying!

You definitely make me feel like you truly understand everything I’m saying!I was very gratified today with what a very experienced client had to share with me today. This client had scores of hours of Scientology L’s auditing from Class XII auditors as well as sessions with several freezone auditors.

E. N. shared this with me today:

“Your duplication level amazes me! You are a natural auditor, you have the perfect beingness. You definitely make me feel like you truly understand everything I’m saying!”

– Love, Dex

“I no longer feel the need!”

I no longer feel the need! - MountainsAV is a client engaged in the creative fields of writing and performing, and right now, in the midst of preparing for an upcoming show. I thought this was a particularly wonderful achievement she expressed to me at the endpoint of a process we ran in today’s session:

“I no longer feel the need to bring up times that someone else thought I was great in order to maintain or find my self-confidence!”

– AV, November 15, 2016

“I am totally and forever changed as of this day”

I am totally and forever changed as of this day - sun raysDexter the magnificent!

Wow! I mean Wow! This is the biggest thing I have ever encountered! I hit the root of so many things that have been plaguing me for so long. The reason I walk away from so many things. The reason I would allow myself to be confused, or not look at things fully, the reason I’ve kept everyone at arm’s length. The fear I kept in myself of doing something wrong, and doing the very things I wish not to!

The fear I kept myself in. Fear of situations. I felt I had to make myself fear things or I would over react. I didn’t want to see the whole picture because I was concerned it would make me take a course of action I saw to be foul and evil. I didn’t want to look at it because I was afraid it would make me conclude the only course of action was annihilation, and convince me to take that course of action. I question my abilities, I put in what I thought to be safeguards to prevent myself from achieving-I believed I would lose myself in conquest, and I wanted no part of it. I would even consider it.

So I hid in sleep, I hid in booze, I hid in seclusion and I buried myself in, regret, self loathing and stripped away my belief in myself, allowed myself to be out of control, to make mistakes  and became a loner, a wanderer giving up far to often at far to many things.

There is not much I have not walked away from. There has not been many days I have not wondered what I am going to screw up next or lived with the consequences of what I did to create a bad situation.

That and so much more I am free of, and now I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

I am totally and forever changed as of this day.

Best session ever!

– Kevin Hale, October 16, 2016

“It is amazing to me how much I have grown.”

It is amazing to me how much I have grown - The AlpsI have been having sessions with Dex for some time now. It is amazing to me how much I have grown. How things have so completely changed for me. My life is so much better now than it has been ever in this lifetime and better yet than it has been for many previous. I do a lot of past life stuff now… funny it almost always starts on a chain linked from this lifetime. The relief I achieve after each session is incredible!

I have done many great things and many foul things in effort of greatness and the latter has caused the most distress.During a power processing session we ended up in a past life and uncovered a “grand victory” so utterly devastating it cast a dark shadow over my beingness plaguing me with self doubt and confusion, and culminated in self loathing and a dedication to self destruction.

I have spent a lifetime wondering why I would sabotage myself. Even I’d take corrective action, I’d quickly revert to negate the benefits I’d begun to enjoy. The particulars of each such episode aren’t important, but what is important is how wholly power processing has changed me. Just a few simple words leads to amazing realizations, experiencing and digesting the energies of these avoided or locked up situations is fantastically liberating. Words are insufficient to explain it. To be free of such debilitation, not even having been conscious that it existed. Long story short, I am wiser now that I know and a better man now that I am no longer trapped in it.

To anyone reading this, you owe it to yourself to know what true happiness is and to swim in it everyday. The ocean of love awaits you with its unlimited serenity. Be proactive, contact Dex and jump right in!

– KH, September 2016

“For the first time I’m moving forward”

forest-22118_640I’ve seen psychologists for over 15 years and have undergone several well-known therapies (cognitive behavioral therapy and psycho dynamic therapy). Those therapies helped, but I  still had underlying attitudes and beliefs holding me back that I just couldn’t shake. Despite my best efforts to resolve them, I felt ‘stuck’, unable to move forward in several areas of my life.  A very successful friend had been having sessions with Dex, and he recommended Dex to me.  I  was skeptical.  However, being open minded, I decided to try it and I couldn’t be happier.  In the 10 or so sessions I’ve had with Dex, I’ve made real, tangible progress on several internal conflicts and for the first time I’m moving forward, making conscious decisions to live my life on my own terms.  To anyone who is skeptical, I encourage you to try it and decide for yourself.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

– GS

“More and more, all I feel is how truly alive I really am”

More and more, all I feel is how truly alive I really am - parachutingDex recently shared with me that he wished he could help more war vets (so mistreated by the systems they believe/d in) overcome their PTSD.

Years ago, I watched a documentary about 6 veterans whose lives completely and utterly fell apart on their return from the Iraq War. One was homeless.  More than one was a severe addict.  One was sitting at his kitchen table with twenty bottles of prescription medication in front of him, describing in a confused and desperate monotone what each pill was supposed to level out, telling how his wife wanted to leave him because she couldn’t stand it anymore.

I couldn’t stop shaking for hours afterwards: the kind of rocking back and forth with tears that eventually ends in catatonia.  I had never understood until that film that I had much more in common with those whose lives are literally destroyed by trauma than I did anyone else; so much trauma, in fact, I was suicidal for most of my 30 years of life. And I took so so many different pills, ate so so much chocolate and drank so so much alcohol in an attempt to deal with the fallout constantly happening inside of me.

What Dex did for me was to HEAR me, with the deepest empathy I have ever felt, and without imposing any kind of paradigm on me.  Dex sees me and only me.  His capacity to hold the truth of what I really felt about everything I’d been through was all I needed to start realizing that I have the power to be who I really am (to live in love, and not in fear).

More and more, all I feel is how truly alive I really am.

Thank you, Dex.  The next time I meet a veteran of war, I will tell him or her about the free session you offer; that’s a promise.

– Audrey Davenport, September 2016

“I feel utterly changed—I’ve become myself!”

I feel utterly changed- I’ve become myself! - beautifully colored sky and waterAudrey is a very talented writer who has been seeking help unblocking her creativity and productivity, and in resolving the things that were causing her distress:

I’m starting to feel like a wizard who can conjure up anything she pleases. This feeling of confidence is so extreme. All of us are wizards, and we just don’t know it. I was in such extreme distress before our sessions started. I’m convinced now that I created it. I can create whatever I want, and not compromise myself, and that’s my spiritual compass. Thanks Dex, I owe it all to you!

Now my writing is pouring out of me, and its some of the most beautiful stuff I’ve ever written. I no longer believe in any imposed paradigms. I just believe in laughter and love — August 26, 2016, Friday — we’ve broken through! I feel utterly changed: I’ve become myself. I never could have imagined this freedom!

I don’t have to be less than I am! I don’t care about anything that happened before now. I can manifest extraordinary things, and I don’t have to compromise.

Thank you Dex, you’re amazing!

Love, Audrey

– Audrey Davenport, August 26, 2016

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"My ideas of granting beingness are changing, and I’m becoming a lot more aware of other people as beings. Granting beingness to others is, looking back at it, possibly one of my biggest problem areas in this lifetime. I’m still sorting through that, but it’s got a lot of potential. "I’m having a lot more comfort in communication cycles, and paying more attention to them. Not necessarily running them better all the time, but definitely seeing them."
"I’m still blowing off today! Whew! Its amazing how much power charge has. it can freeze one in time and make one feel so occupied by fighting the charge that one has no energy left to do the things they want or need to do. I have new energy and want to get involved in projects again."
"I feel energized, I can’t wait to create. Knowing my unlimited power, I will use it for good. I will have fun. I will postulate into existence whatever it is I want to do because it will be good. It will not harm. And, it will include others who are of the same mindset. Thanks so much to my wonderful auditor, Dexter. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stable before."
"I felt totally duplicated for the first time in AGES—no more sec checks, no more crazy wrong actions, no more endless correction lists that don’t read nor wrong indications. Dexter’s not interested in ‘stats’ or ‘getting people up the Bridge’ (because you see, that was always the false promise that was made to me, just do the next action THEN you’ll get your case handled). Dexter just knows how to get a real product."
Trained, interned and experienced Graduate level V, Power Processing Specialist, Specializing in advanced custom-tailored processing techniques for your particular spiritual, emotional and physiological conditions, needs, wants, interests and aspirations. Services include:
  • Case repair
  • Repair of previous auditing
  • Resurgence of earlier gains
  • Unhandled case items
  • Unaccomplished auditing goals
“Raise your expectations, do not compromise!”