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An excerpt from my book, Honoring Your Spiritual Compass”: the Harmony Restoration Technique

An excerpt from my book, Honoring Your Spiritual Compass”: the Harmony Restoration Technique

The Harmony Restoration Technique is one of several techniques in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling that makes relationships better, but it alone accomplishes great changes.This technique can and should be run in the event of any problematic relationships.
Firstly, understand that whatever comes to mind in response to these questions, whether it immediately seems to answer the question or not, is exactly what needs to come up, regardless of whether it is something you, the other person, or somebody else, caused, experienced or observed. This is your spiritual compass at work, bringing to mind exactly what needs to be noticed. There is no such a thing as a ‘wrong answer’, accept and allow to flow forward whatever your spiritual compass offers, and as you continue, the relevance will emerge.
This is most commonly run with a preface to questions 1 and 3, naming the other person, such as: “In the interactions between your husband and you, …”
Repeat 1-4 over and over to a great point of realization, relief and positive change of perspective about the relationship. Don’t discontinue at the first feeling of change of perspective, but rather run this technique for all it can do for you.
On the step 2 and 4 questions, avoid being deductive-“It must be this, based on that”. Instead, be intuitive and empathic- allow yourself to be open to the inner thoughts and feelings of the other person, and let these reveal themselves to you; it may sound unrealistic, but once you begin, these will come to you, and you will gain insight and understanding of the other person. Don’t short change the power of this technique by substituting deduction for detection.
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