May 14


A Remarkable Journey: Unraveling the “Perfect Storm”

lighthouse in storm
credit: Dinev

This week, I happened to have one of the longest sessions I’ve conducted in a very long time. It was quite interesting, and quite rewarding for the client.

I’ve spoken before about the “moment of shock”; it is the live wire embedded into the mental image recording of a traumatic incident (or “engram”), it is the instant of devastating overwhelm, and it is generally beyond the reach of common forms of incident processing (such as “Dianetics”); when such incidents seem to have been “erased”.

While a traumatic incident commonly seems to trip a mental circuit-breaker, causing a relative consciousness disconnect of the experience, the more intense shock within the experience repels any permeation of awareness with the very force of the shock. A practitioner With enough experience and expertise, a practitioner will readily recognize the symptoms and smoothly guide the client to successfully digest and dissolve the composition of the shock.
The client’s initial reaction is to strongly resist connecting with any part of the shock material. A shock leaves a being spiritually collapsed, and related subjects, people and places are something one simply cannot be present with. The force of the shock can be so intense that a person will generate multiple layers of resistive attitudes and other mental mechanisms in an effort to wall off that which manifests as so threatening, so painful, that it is unapproachable.

The result of a being’s efforts to resist the intensity of such a shock can be a complex mass of negative emotions and attitudes wrapped around the shock, each of which, must be addressed and dismantled just to expose the shock material so that it itself can be addressed and dissolved with a shock processing technique-again, conventional “incident processing” won’t get the job done.

This was the path that needed to be traveled in this lengthy session. Worse yet for the client, the particular circumstances of the shock-laden incident had been triggered so as to even more completely dominate this client’s consciousness in the very first “Dianetics” session she ever experienced, 26 years earlier thus creating a “perfect storm”, a state of activation of the dreadful feelings, sensations and attitudes of that shocking experience that had been in effect for over a quarter of a century! Over that time, the incident anchored with the shock was again addressed with the current version of Dianetics, but regardless of number of attempts, such a shock does not give way to that method.

Over this session, lasting nearly 6 hours, I employed a variety of advanced techniques to uncover, address, resolve and unravel each layer of a series of different mental mechanisms that, along with the shock itself, were in a state of activation, smothering the client’s goals, purposes and enthusiasm for life in a gordian knot of negative energies. At the end, the shock presented itself and we smoothly got to work deconstructing the very composition of that shock itself, culminating in a wonderful resurgence of the joy, enthusiasm and power of the being.
The next morning, this client sent me the following message:

“Hey Dex,
Just wanted to say a big THANKS for the great session yesterday. Yeah, sure, I know auditors are supposed to stick it out and get the pc through it. But you didn’t do it with any sort of “supposed to” attitude. And you didn’t zone out or “leave” the session. You stayed right there with me and cared about getting me through it. I really appreciate it!

The past life incident that came up yesterday came up in my very first auditing session -in 1989, but as you know, there was still plenty of charge there. Anyway, thank you so much for not blowing the session, and not letting me blow. It made a huge difference!

I know I’ll have more to say about all this, but for now I’m still experiencing as it continues to unfold some more.”
May 2015

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