May 9


Meterless auditing: the next major advancement

mountains and rainbow
credit: Dinev

“I would like to throw my two cents worth in on this. I really didn’t know how this “auditing without a meter” would work, but 5 minutes in I knew I loved it. Dex would give me a command and the answer was there. No wondering, thinking, feeling that the meter would help me with something that “I didn’t know.” I had, in the past, given over my own knowingness on my case to the meter. Dex and I have been uncovering things and blowing things off and I am the one that knows what is there and I communicate it. I am my own meter so to speak. It has gotten to the point where I have the answer before he asks the question. I even know when I have an F/N and when it is time to stop. This type of auditing has been very empowering…. a very important step to letting me be cause over my case.”
L.J., May 2015

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