June 4


Your Spiritual Compass, the Essence of You, your Greatest Asset

Self-actualization, the uninhibited integration of all that is you, your joy, your energy, your passion, the full extent of all your abilities to be, experience, create and accomplish, is the innermost drive of your essential self, as a spiritual being. And that pure, effortlessly driven core of your being can be readily accessed. It is always expressing, if you stop to hear, see and feel it.

It is you, pure and natural, and when you have negatives expressing in your mind, that is you, expressing exactly what it is you need to address, accept, digest and process so as to grow in the direction of your own true self-actualization, and to connect with all your underlying passion, joy and positive energies.

The approach of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is based on the recognition of your spiritual compass. The techniques facilitate the resolving of your negative spiritual architectures, connection with your powers and abilities, and the unfettered accomplishment of your dreams and your aspirations.

With Love,
Dexter Gelfand

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Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling