December 31


What is “Processing”, and why is it important or necessary?

As we go through our lives, things sometimes happen which are unpleasant, painful, shocking; in short, difficult to experience, and we tend to fend off, or resist, the fully experiencing of these occurrences any number of ways. The environments, impacts, perceptions and feelings go largely unprocessed. Processing everything associated with an experience is like digesting what you eat; ideally, you fully absorb in entirety, leaving nothing unprocessed. Any thing in your system left undigested will create discomfort and distress, just as any painful or shocking experience not fully processed by you as a spiritual being will leave you with some distress.
Processing is the action of mentally or spiritually digesting, particularly those experiences that do not go down easy. The ideal condition would be to fully experience, and thus process, or digest, everything as it happens, in fact that might be a theoretical goal of positive-gain processing, in which one’s abilities to create and experience are realized; negative-gain processing is the application of techniques through which one digests the undigested material that one has, to a degree, experienced over the course of their existence.
Essentially, painful experiences are those which run counter to, or oppose, one’s goals of being, doing and having. Processing should be oriented in the direction of addressing one’s movement relative to their goals: when one is handicapped by the effects of experiences that drive you away from how and what you want to be, do and/or have, these effects are what should be addressed with negative-gain processing techniques. When one simply needs or wants the enhancement or realization of abilities pertaining to accomplishing what you want to be, do and/or have, those particular abilities you are seeking are the things to address with positive-gain processing.
My approach is to address with you those things that you find painful or disturbing, with effective negative-gain processes, when and where these things are predominant for you, and then, or otherwise, applying those positive-gain processes that address the particular abilities you are working to develop in your direction of accomplishing your own particular goals.

Specific information about these techniques can be found in videos and articles here on this site, if you would like to discuss specifics regarding your own particular interests, you are welcome to contact me!

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