October 19


“Three weeks to Spartan Race” (The importance of always having fun)

I am SpartacusThree weeks to Spartan Race. I had just recovered enough from my Achilles tendon surgeries (necessitated by my having worn them down to nothing from years of playing basketball frequently and aggressively) and was just beginning to run, to begin to build up toward regaining my mojo as a runner, overdid my physical workout and damaged my back. Then, moving through some excellent physical therapy for that, I’ve begun running again every day as of 1 week ago. Baby steps. In high school, every year the coaches wanted me on the track team. Less than 5 years ago, I was still quicker than just about every guy in the gym on the basketball court, including those 20 and more years younger than me. But after wearing down and tearing my Achilles, surgeries on both of them, and all the long layoffs, I started again last week being gassed after running for 45 seconds. Baby steps. So now, every day- I run for as long as I can (which isn’t much), through the body’s barking at me until I have to stop, catch my breath, start again, several times. Today, I’m up to about a half mile before I’m incapacitated, and not sprinting either, but going further, with less effort every time. Three weeks to Spartan Race, and God help me, I’ll be ready. I’m so glad my son Pete came up with this activity for us to do together; in addition to how joyful it is to share the experience with Pete, it’s the perfect challenge at the perfect time. I think now, at 60, I either do the work and regain my physical edge, or resign myself to becoming a 60 year old (not gonna happen). Three weeks to Spartan Race…and I’m loving the challenge, every day!
Love, Dex

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