March 10


The Perfect Functionality of your Spiritual Compass (book excerpt)

The Perfect Functionality of your Spiritual Compass (book excerpt)Your spiritual compass is at the core of your being. It is your thrust and drive toward the goals, desires and needs that are important to you. It points toward, or presents, your goals, driving you forward, and when a goal of yours is being opposed by some condition or attitude, it points to and presents the things that manifest to interfere with your success in pursuit of your goals.
Anytime some unwanted and disturbing condition is getting your attention, it is something that is inhibiting you from some goal of yours, and it’s getting your attention because your spiritual compass is pointing out to you that the is something you need to resolve.
All feelings, emotions and sensations are actually energies, expressing as those feelings. And all disturbing conditions and attitudes are composed of these energies. And we tend to expend energies against the energies expressing as those disturbing feelings. This creates an impasse, holding the disturbing feelings in place. Fighting your disturbing feelings ties up much of your energy, it’s actually exhausting, and only makes you feel the pressure of the energies expressing as disturbing and unwanted feelings.
The way out of this trap is to effortlessly and unresistingly accept the energies expressing as unwanted and disturbing feelings, and let these spiritually be digested within you. This is the essence of therapeutic spiritual counseling.
Another facet of your spiritual compass is that when it is permitted to point to and express the energies of your unwanted and disturbing feelings, it dispenses these energies through you at the perfect flow rate to readily digest within you; it will not overwhelm you with too much in too heavy a flow, and it won’t minimize the flow in a way that would unnecessarily prolong the process.
Your spiritual compass is always functioning perfectly, pointing you toward your goals, and as needed, toward the energies of detrimental conditions or attitudes that are inhibiting your progress toward your goals.
Recognizing, honoring and working in accordance with your spiritual compass resolves and relieves unwanted and disturbing conditions and attitudes, and empowers you to happily and successfully gain the states of being, conditions and accomplishments that are meaningful for you, with relative mental ease, rather than feeling like everything is exhausting, hard work, and without doubting your worthiness, competence, skills and talents.
Therapeutic spiritual counseling is, essentially, allowing and staying in the flow of your spiritual compass, and you can learn such techniques here, and if you will, then miracles can and will happen for you!

(This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, “Honoring Your Spiritual Compass: Achieving greater self-realization through the natural laws of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling- DG)

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  1. When life is heavy and stuck, I just need a little bit of Dexter. I sometimes need to read through a couple of times until I feel free of the particular burden I’m stuck in. So lucky Dex is part of my life.

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