“The most amazing thing happened…”

I’ve developed an arsenal of techniques so as to be able to help any participant to resolve whatever is getting in their way, including the Opposition Technique, which is effective in resolving thorny relationships of any kind. Kevin was moved to share his story about how this helped him:

“The most amazing thing happened. I was having problems at work with a person I would run into on a semi regular basis. Oh… I really hated this guy and he hated me back.

Every time we encountered each other we would but heads. After every argument and disagreement it would bother me for several days it would seem. It made me feel smaller. I almost felt as if I were almost being stalked by the possibility of future encounters.

Dex has created a process, he calls it the Opposition Technique, exactly for this kind of a situation. We did it.

Wow… it was so simple and I felt AMAZING right away. It was incredible.

So guess what, that guy who used to piss me off came by today. It was incredible. It was like my good buddy had just rolled up. As we walked and talked we shook hands like 3 times and said good bye twice. It was awesome, a completely new relationship. It was great to see him and I sure hope he comes back soon.”

— Kevin H.

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