September 13


The first, true priority of any healer, therapist, or counselor

The first, true priority of any healer, therapist, or counselor is to prompt, invite, encourage and support the free expression of the participant, and his or her comfort and trust in what presents within them as something to be freely expressed. The participant should never be made to feel pressure or direction to suppress or bypass their feelings and thoughts for the sake of complying with the person conducting the session, whose job includes unburdening you of any fear, attitude or inhibition impeding your free self-expression. Any attitude on the part of the practitioner that the participant’s expression is getting in the way of his script or program is wildly inappropriate. What comes to mind for you in the session is the passageway to what is most relevant and meaningful for you, and the best practitioners wisely welcome and invite the emergence of this material so that it can be processed to your great relief and recovery of your wonderful presence and sense and wholeness of self.

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Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling