August 16


That feeling when you arrive at that spiritual place, having done the work to transcend all that mired you, and you’ve arrived: “Blissful radiance”

JM knew what he wanted, he had his spiritual goal in mind before he even arrived for sessions with me, having taken certain earlier spiritual paths along the way. In the work I do, participants can and do experience profound spiritual liberations, which we recognize as ascensions. JM experienced his own powerful ascension, a wonderful state of being. As we do when this occurs, we followed it up by beginning the steps of the Full Embodiment of Ascension Technique, which step by step clears the path of any feelings, conditions or attitudes that could inhibit this high spiritual state and also brings it out even more completely. This is what JM is noticing after completing the first step of the Full Embodiment:

“Now this feeling of blissful radiance feels like a normal state of being, a regular, fantastic feeling, and now I feel like I can function perfectly well with it. It’s pretty orgasmic! At first, it felt strange and awkward, and I felt disoriented. Another thing I’ve noticed, since the previous session, I had been resenting all my childhood for my entire life, and how I was treated by my stepfather. And then, yesterday, after the session, I saw all the things in my life, that actually went well, and the whole resentment just went away, all of the blaming, all the resentment! Thanks so much, Dex!”

JM, August 2023



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