November 25


“Systems of Knowledge”

Do not seek out or invest yourself in “systems of knowledge“. Feeling the need for predigested explanations of life is a symptom of feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed, and desperate for a solution. Any thought-based “solution” is best recognized as a “bandaid”, a temporary remedy for just until you regain your balance and trust in yourself and the universe. Instead, be in the moment, feel everything, liberate and trust your intuition. “Systems of knowledge“ are superficial substitutes for directly knowing through feeling, intuition, and being open to the universe. “Systems of knowledge” will close a person’s mind to all that doesn’t fit into that box. “Systems of knowledge” become imposed on people, and those within the box feel threatened by what doesn’t fit in the box and can turn hostile toward those who don’t confine themselves to that box. Stay liberated and conscious, and remain present.

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