July 27


She’d been suffering from PTSD: “Wow Dex, I don’t feel like crying, that’s a solid improvement!…This is a really good feeling that I haven’t had in a long time!”

It is not at all unusual for people to fall into severely traumatized, anxiety-ridden conditions. This is what is meant by PTSD, or “post-traumatic stress disorder”. The condition does exists, but I object to the label, because having defined oneself that way, it is that much more prevalent, and harder to shed.

Common, standard techniques and forms of therapy are usually, at best, painfully slow routes to marginal improvement. It takes both well-understood precision techniques and a deep capacity for empathy to really remedy and release the constant state of suffering.

People in that highly traumatized state of mind find ordinary daily functions and activities troubling and challenging, and even impossible to engage in.

I’m often engaged in facilitating recovery from this debilitating state for clients. My personal shock resolving technique is a key element necessary for every such “PTSD” client, as they are swamped in moments of personal shock.

Lily C. was one such client. She had this to share after her first session with me:

“Wow Dex, I don’t feel like crying, that’s a solid improvement! That’s very cool! This is a really good feeling that I haven’t had in a long time! I don’t feel fearful or scared-I think I can have a conversation now! Thank you, this is a pretty amazing win!”
Lily, Chicago IL, July 2022

This is what I do, and I can do the same for you, or a friend in need.
Love, Dex

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